How to Use RwRp

Know when you might have a problem:

If you've had a cough or a fever for a day or two, or any other ailment, just call your RwRp doctor. It's free!

If you've cut or burned your hand or finger, please call your RwRp doctor as soon as possible. If you can, take a photo of your injury with your phone and send it—we can often assess what to do from a photo.

So for any injury, cough, fever, intestinal problem, stomach pain, skin rash, persistent headaches, joint pain—ANY medical or health question or concern, please call or text your RwRp doctor just to have a brief conversation. A doctor can help you decide if whatever you have needs medical attention or not.

If you have not had a general physical or check up for a long time—even if you feel perfectly fine—please call your RwRp doctor to set up an appointment.

It's free to you. No charge.

If your restaurant is part of the Restaurant Worker Referral Program there is no charge to you, the worker, to see and be treated by your RwRp doctor— we were created for and are funded to actually help you. The general idea is to allow a medical doctor to decide if you do or don't need a doctor. That's what we are here for. We've seen thousands of patients for all sorts of issues and problems over the years.  Allow us to help you.  We have a lot of experience.  Take advantage of us.

Vaccinations Help Protect Everyone

Vaccines help protect you, your family, co-workers and your customers. A RwRp doctor can arrange vaccinations for you as well. Flu shots are given every year—you might still get the flu, but you will be less sick, miss fewer days of work, recover faster, and infect fewer people around you. We can also vaccinate you against both hepatitis A & B, as well as measles and tetanus. Hepatitis is a real problem in restaurants and all you staff and workers should be vaccinated against Hep A.

Your RwRp doctor can often help you get your vaccinations and medications through patient assistance programs for free or for less, and we also have a much reduced rate for any blood test or lab test you may need. We promise to do our best to minimize any cost or expense that is needed for your specific situation.

Early Care is Good Care

Remember: the earlier a doctor gets involved, the less care you will need, and you will get better faster. You can text your RwRp doctor, send an email or make a phone call; you can also send photos if that makes sense in your situation. The more workers we see and the more often we see them, the healthier all workers will be.

The important thing is to call us EARLY when you are sick or have any medical concern. Waiting for days or weeks—or even months—to "see if it goes away" is a bad idea and can make things a lot worse. 

What RwRp Does Not Offer

  • At present RwRp does not cover family or friends of workers, but our doctors are willing to see any patient and help them as best as we can, outside of the RwRp system. Just talk to your doctor.
  • RwRp does not pay for medications, outside lab tests, x-rays or studies etc. We do get a very reduced rate. We can often give a worker basic medications for free if we have them in the office.
  • RwRp does not provide chronic pain control or any narcotics for pain control.