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RwRp for Restaurant Owners

Most restaurant workers in large urban cities have little or no access to a medical doctor.  Until we achieve rational, national not-for-profit health care for all people, we have a problem. Right now. Today.

After decades of providing affordable health care to restaurant workers as a general practitioner on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Dr. Dave Ores realized that this sort of care and access could be organized for very little money in a very big way.  If a group of restaurants pitch in a small amount of money every month to a common fund, then ALL the uninsured workers can see a doctor if needed, at no charge to the worker.  Sounds simple.  It is simple.

The Restaurant Worker Referral Program common fund pays the doctor a nominal fee for every worker seen—maybe $80.00 or $60.00? The fee depends on the time and energy needed for any given worker and money is not removed from the fund unless a doctor provides care.   There are no shareholders, no profits, no bloated corporate salaries advertising budgets—that's why it costs so little and makes so much sense.

Additional Benefits of RwRp Membership

RwRp gives ALL your uninsured workers free, timely, and direct access to a doctor.

RwRp identifies and treats illnesses early in the disease process, so your workers will be less sick and for fewer days. It's easier and cheaper to treat patients early.  Plus they will be coughing for fewer days in your restaurant.   Fewer sick days taken and less “ working while sick” days occur. That's good for everyone.

RwRp does not report ANY person to ANY agency regarding residency status.  Or to any other agency.  Ever. Workers are gauranteed100% privacy and 100% confidentiality to the letter of the law.   Exactly like any other medical patient. 

RwRp provides a portal to vaccinations for all your uninsured workers for flu and hepatitis. Again: less sick days every year, and vaccination protects co-workers and your customers.  RwRp will pay for vaccines whenever we are able. 

RwRp often keeps your uninsured workers out of the ER.  This alone will save you many wasted hours, and potentially thousands of dollars of unnecessary hospital bills. Of course, hospital care is needed on occasion, but most times it isn't—especially if we get to see your workers earlier, before they become seriously or critically ill.

Rwrp offers uninsured workers access to care and information about any medical illness or concern they may have.  Worker related or not. 

The red circular RwRp sticker on your window builds good will with your uninsured workers as well as your customers. You are providing free health care to your uninsured workers AND your food safety is all the better for it.

Your restaurant will be listed on our RwRp website and benefit from any local or national press we receive as a caring member of the community.

How do I sign my restaurant up for RwRp?

Filled out a New Member Registration Form and email it to drdave.lesm@gmail.com.

Or contact Dr. Ores directly at 917-723-4206.