RWRP Awards Luncheon October 2015

RWRP Awards Luncheon  October 2015

Host:  Chef  James   at Amali Restaiurant   (an RWRP supporter and member) 

Location Amali Restaurant  115 East 60th street  NYC

Time:   noon on Wednesday October 28th  2015

2015 Awardee:  Chef Chris Santos of Stanton Social and other restaurants.  Our good freind, supporter of RWRP and the health and well being of his staff, workers and employees.  Chris is also a star on the TV show Chopped. 

RWRP Press Release


Oct 21  2015


RWRP  (The Restaurant Workers Referral Program, Inc)   )  is having it’s first annual awards luncheon / micro conference on Oct 28th  Wednesday 2015.


Location:   The Amali Restaurant  115 East 60th street  NYC


Our Gracious Host: Mr. James Mallios and all of the Amali owners and staff.


Time:  Noon   Wednesday Oct 28th   2015


What is RWRP?    RWRP is NYC based a non-profit health care organization (founded by David J. Ores, MD)  that refers restaurant workers to a doctor or doctors.   RWRP is currently active NYC and Philadelphia.   (  There is NO CHARGE to the workers for this access to a doctor.  Zero Barrier care.


The RWRP concept is to create a simple VERY LOW COST mechanism whereby un-insured service industry workers have barrier free access to a medical doctor who can then provide a “First Look” at their condition or problem.  The Doctor can determine if this problem is “nothing” or “something”.  If the latter, the doctor can refer the workers to a higher , appropriate level of additional care.   98% of the time the issue is handled entirely by the RWRP doctor and all is well. 


RWRP allows service industry workers to see a medical doctor much earlier in any disease process.  This allow EARLY diagnosis and EARLY intervention… which means fewer worker sick days,  fewer workers coughing on food for fewer days…. And EARLY ALERT if some more serious infection of illness is on the rise. 


It is also easier and much less expensive to treat an illness if the doctor is involved days,  weeks or even years earlier.   There are better outcomes for the workers.   There is LESS use of the Hospital Emergency Department as a clinic and fewer admission to hospital as well.   


The Awards Luncheon: 

Next Wednesday,  on Oct 28th  at noon, the first annual RWRP awards luncheon is very pleased to honor Chef Chris Santos of Stanton Social, Beauty & Essex and many other restaurants and media ventures.  Chef Santos is also a TV celebrity of the TV show “Chopped”


Chef Santos has supported and believed in RWRP from the beginning and is a shinning example of a person who cares about the health and wellness of his workers, employees and staff.  And the health and well being of all his customers and friends he works with.  He has gone above and beyond to care for his staff and co-workers.


Wednesdays luncheon will present an award to Chef Chris Santos....  and also to create a brief space (a micro conference)  for important NYC restaurant professionals to reflect on health care for the workers..... and discuss health care issues with each other and myself.    It is a micro-conference /  awards luncheon.  


RWRP Discussion:   What RWRP can do (vis-a-vis access to health care for workers)  what we cannot do and what we need to do going forward.   We can all discuss and focus on the health care area for a few minutes.... share ideas.... and let Dr. Ores know what we can do better...what the issues are "on the ground" or "in the kitchen".....if you will.   How RWRP can be more useful and more effective.


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Seats are limited.


Thank you


dr dave