Basic Mechanics

Basic Mechanics

Restaurants pay a monthly fee depending on the number of employees.  REMEMBER  we only plan to collect about 20% above what RWRP pays out to Doctors, or for group vaccines....etc.    We DO NOT want to  collect any more than that.  

RwRp Contribution Schedule (approximate) 

Per month

Minimum  fee                                             $75.00

5-14 uninsured workers                             $75.00

15-24 uninsured workers                           $150.00

25-34 uninsured workers                           $250.00

35-49 uninsured workers                           $350.00

50 + uninsured workers                              Please contact David J. Ores,  MD.



*  Monthly fee may be adjusted (up or down)  as we see what the needs are each year.    The idea is to collect about 20% or 25% above actual costs.  We are all in this together.  Doctors, workers and restaurant owners working together to address a common health need.

Please be advised, RWRP, INC is a tax-exempt charity. 

We do not believe your contribution to RwRp is tax deductible because you receive a professional service in return for your contribution.
However, RwRp can keep more of it’s collected funds each year for worker health care.

We can, however, accept random donations from large food / liquor vendors or large foundations to add to our worker care budget. These donations are, in fact, tax deductible as provided by Federal and State laws.

What RwRp does cover:

Anything that the RwRp doctor can provide in their office: Examinations, medical history, physical examination, referral to additional care where indicated, venipuncture, treatment of minor cuts, burns etc.  (“First Look™” medical care.)  


RwRp is also available for all general food safety questions and a variety of health tips and practices designed to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.


What RwRp does not cover:

Outside medical services such as laboratory charges, X-Rays and ant general services provided outside of the Doctor’s office.  We do receive reduced LAB fees for these clients AND we offer generic medicines and always look to keep costs at the minimum for the worker.