The Restaurant Worker Referral Program (RwRp) provides uninsured restaurant workers with timely, direct access to basic medical care at a low, reasonable cost. RwRp is NOT insurance. It is more like a health care cooperative created by doctors and restaurant owners working together to address an urgent and important health care need.   RWRP , Inc is now an official 501(c)3 organization.  

Restaurant Worker Referral Program, Inc. (RwRp) is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 oranization that provides uninsured restaurant workers FREE access to a medical doctor. Founded in 2007 by David J. Ores, MD in New York City, there are no share-holders and no profits.  RwRp is a micro example of how not-for profit medical care would work and cost so much less. 

RWRP is NOT health insurance of any sort.  RwRp is a health care cooperative created by a doctor and restaurant owners in NYC to begin to PATCH a severe defect in health access for many thousands of restaurant and service workers.

RwRp engages medical doctors to provide services in their existing medical offices and this makes our overhead very close to zero.   Some RwRp funds are used for administration, needed materials and necessary expenses as warranted.    All our accounts and activities are open at all times to member restaurants and to our accountant.   We have a policy of full financial transparency.

As a RwRp member restaurant, you are a partner in this health and wellness enterprise.  Your restuarant is not a "customer".  We are all in this together and the mission is to provide the best possible access to health care for all your valued uninsured workers.  RwRp depends the advice, support and input of the restuarant owners and management.   Not only your financial support.  Your suggestions, ideas and your expertise help RwRp function as effectively as possible.

How RwRp Works

The restaurants contribute into a common fund somewhere in the area of $75.00-$400.00 per month (for ALL your workers. Part time, full time, front, back ) ). The contribution depends on the number of workers in your restaurant. The RwRp fund pays an honorarium to the physician, in the range of $60.00 to $125.00 per medical visit by a worker. (See basical mechanics for RwRp Contribution Schedule.) Your workers can visit the RwRp medical doctor at NO CHARGE.  Doctors receive funds ONLY when they provide care for a restaurant worker. That is the CORE difference.  No money is paid out as profits or salaries or fees....  or dividends.... or anything.... UNLESS and actual  worker sees and actual doctor.  It's "al a carte".      The RWRP doctor may also, a a small number of cases, refer the worker to receive additional care at a hospital or other resource IF that is appropriate and necessary. 
At this time, RWRP does not pay for any outside medical tests or services.  The main function of RWRP is to allow the workers to see a doctor at no charge for a "first look" to determine if simple office based care is enough OR if the worker needs more care at a higher level (referral).  

There are no middle people. There are no profits or dividends.  There are no hidden charges.

RwRp is now ready to engage medical doctors and restuarants/bars in other cities throughout the USA as RwRp participants. 

Advantages of RwRp Membership for Owners

  • Good will for your business in your community  
  • Better health & safety for your valued workers and customers  
  • Your food supply chain will be safer and more protected from disease  
  • The City's food supply chain will be safer and more protected from disease
  • Fewer employees will work fewer days while sick or contagious  
  • Early DETECTION of illnesses in the Public Sphere (monitoring system)
  • Workers will appreciate your concern and your tangible assistance with their health & wellness  
  • So will your customers
  • Very low cost access to an MD for ALL your worker's health concerns or problems.
Thank you for your attention and interest.  Dr David Ores